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About CCCM and CRS

About CRS

In 2008 a new corporate entity called Canadian Catholic Congregational Management (CCCM) was established under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act by ten Religious Institutes from across Canada. In December 2010 Canadian Religious Stewardship (CRS) was granted the status of Public Juridic Person of Pontifical Right by the Holy See. In 2015, the name Canadian Catholic Congregational Management (CCCM) was changed to Canadian Religious Stewardship (CRS). Canadian Religious Stewardship (CRS) is therefore now the name of both the Corporation established under civil law and the public juridic person established under Canon law.

The civil law corporation was established to support the public juridic person. The purpose of CRS, as detailed in the canonical statutes, is to assist, in various practical ways, those Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life who request its services. At the request of an Institute, while respecting its autonomy, and in continuity with its charism, Canadian Religious Stewardship (CRS) will assist the Institute by:

  1. Managing and safeguarding its ecclesiastical temporal goods and ensuring their proper administration in accordance with canon and civil law;
  2. Providing personal care programs and services for the membership;
  3. Accepting ownership of ecclesiastical temporal goods in those instances where the Institute wishes to divest itself of property, in accordance with the requirements of canon law;
  4. When opportune, accepting governance responsibilities for any or all health care, educational, religious and social service ministries presently supported by the Institute;
  5. With the consent of the Diocesan Bishop, and if appropriate, accepting sponsorship of a ministry of an Institute.


CRS’s Vision, Mission and Values

CRS is a stable, transparent, sustainable resource responding to the needs of Catholic religious institutes.

CRS is a Catholic management organization whose primary purpose is to respond to requests from religious institutes for administrative assistance in providing services for them, their members and their ministries.

CRS’s ministry is marked by professionalism, humanity and a caring heart. This is realized by integrity in our relationships and through a creative, collaborative and hope filled approach in our management style.

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