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About Crsirp

About the CRSIRP Organization

In 1997, the insurance market was in turmoil. Religious congregations found their premiums going up, with less and less coverage. Some congregations could not get insurance at all. In response to this crisis, a group of religious congregations came together to purchase insurance as a group. Using the expertise of religious and lay volunteers, we developed a program to offer excellent auto, casualty, boiler & mechanical, property, crime and liability insurance to religious congregations and their ministries at affordable rates. Using only a little seed money and the savings year over year, we were able to increase coverage at the same or slightly increased premiums even during times when others' rates were increasing by as much as 15% or more. Congregations were then able to direct more resources to their ministries, without compromising the care of their elderly members.

Now, with the help of religious and dedicated lay Catholics from across the country, we can offer an insurance product with unparalleled coverage, including malfeasance (sexual misconduct) and Directors' and Officers' Insurance, at rates that cannot be matched by any single congregation buying insurance on the open market.

We didn't stop there. At the request of the member congregations the following corporation has been established:

  • Canadian Religious Administrative Services, Inc. (CRASI) is a corporation which provides the administration of the CRSIRP program and offers an excellent benefits program for religious and lay employees, as well as travel insurance, which is normally expensive and very restricted for elderly travelers.

How You Benefit from Participating in our Program
CRSIRP/CRASI, by their very nature cannot be compared to conventional entities. The following elements that we offer set us apart from any other commercial organization:

  • Your congregation joins with 166 others in solidarity and collaboration for protection; 
  • You enable bulk-buying power and realistic coverage at reduced rates; 
  • You protect your congregation and others from large premium fluctuations; 
  • You enable more flexibility involving a variety of choices, including benefits and levels of coverage; 
  • Your surpluses go towards reduced premiums, increased services or program enhancements; 
  • Your sustainability is protected in the long term and a shared mutual benefit is realized, which otherwise would not be available on a stand-alone basis; and 
  • You stand with members who share a vision and values focused on helping each other.
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6299 Airport Road, Suite 100,
Mississauga, Ontario L4V 1N3, Canada

Telephone: 905 564 2550 / 1 800 679 9696 (Toll free),
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