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CRSIRP Services

CRSIRP offers a wide range of services at no additional cost to members, including Risk Management and Loss Control Consulting; Claims Management Services; 55 Alive/Mature Drivers and Members’ Insurance Seminars.

Risk Management and Loss Control Consulting Claims Management services

As part of our service, we design custom risk management and loss control measures for the members and we do this training on a regular basis, twice a year or upon request.

We work closely with each member to do physical inspection of the insured properties and make appropriate recommendations. Consultations include identifying, assessing and assisting you in the control of all your property and operational risks. These services include:

  • Vehicle Services: 55 Alive/Mature Drivers, Sessions upon request
  • Property Services: Property inspection, Security assessment, Sessions upon request
  • Liability Services: Evaluation of contracts, Operations assessment, Employees/volunteers screening, Sessions upon request

CRSIRP Claims Services are different than those of the traditional broker. Our services focus on speedy payment of claims and help with risk management issues specific to religious communities.

Our claims personnel can be reached 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

55 Alive/Mature Drivers Members’ Insurance Seminars
A program offered by Canada Safety Council specifically designed for the mature driver, this program covers a wide range of problems faced by older drivers. The course focuses on such areas as:
  • Updating your driving knowledge;
  • Sharpening your driving skills;
  • Helping you to compensate for normal age-related physical changes; 
  • Reducing your traffic violations, collisions and resulting injuries; and 
  • Helping you to drive more safely for many more years.
Members’ Insurance seminars are important to ensure that there is transparency when dealing with insurance matters. CRSIRP offers seminars on a regular basis or upon request. Some examples include:
  • An Insurance Primer for Religious Communities;
  • Insurance 101 (An introduction to Insurance);
  • Liability Insurance;
  • Identity Theft;
  • Claims Handling;
  • Malfeasance (Sexual Misconduct); and
  • Various Insurance Topics.
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