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Employee Benefits - Medical Care

CRASI offers members a full array of medical benefits depending on their specific needs and budget requirements. Typically, the following benefits are included:

Semi-private hospital
Pays for 100% of the cost of semi-private hospital room in the province where the insured resides. Out-patient services and convalescent hospital care (restrictions apply) are also covered.

Prescription drugs
Pays the cost of medication prescribed by a doctor or dentist and dispensed by a pharmacist. Insured individuals may be required to pay a portion of the charge either 20% and/or a dispensing fee. Pay-direct drug cards are included as part of the benefit. CRASI encourages members to elect mandatory generic drug coverage over brand named drugs to reduce costs.

Medical services, supplies and equipment
Pays the cost for medical services when prescribed by a doctor, including out-of-hospital private duty nursing care, laboratory tests, and blood transfusions. Medical equipment can include wheelchairs, crutches, artificial limbs, orthopaedic shoes, and hearing aids.

Paramedical practitioner services
Pays fees up to an annual maximum for specific services of a licensed paramedical practioner.

This includes: physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists (requires a physician’s prescription), podiatrists, chiropodists, psychologists, speech therapists, naturopaths and acupuncturists.

Ambulance services
Pays transportation by a licensed ambulance or air ambulance to the nearest hospital equipped to handle the medical condition.

Accidental Dental Care
This benefit is included under the medical benefit and provides reimbursement for dental treatment expenses resulting from an accident to natural teeth.
Treatment must begin within a specified period of time following the accident and services must be provided by a dentist. Dental benefits resulting from an accident are first paid under the accidental dental benefit and additional eligible expenses would be paid under the dental benefit.

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